Thinklair Faucet Data Retention Policy
General data usage

This website retains data in order to allow the website to function. No data is processed or passed to third parties for any purpose.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies in order to ensure login sessions persist. No cookies are used for the purpose of data analysis or usage tracking.

Storage of data in a database

In order to ensure that no one person can drain all the faucet of rETH, I need to collect and store data about each user.

The following data is collected: Google ID, email, the date and time of the first login, the last time rETH was claimed, and a list of transaction IDs and when the transaction was conducted.

If you want your data to be deleted from the website database, please email me at

I will then endeavour to remove your data within 72 hours, but no sooner than 24 hours. This is to prevent attempts to claim multiple amounts of rETH within a 24 hour period.

Note that I am unable to remove records of your Ropsten transactions from the Ropsten Ethereum blockchain.


If you do not consent to the above policy, then do not log in to the site.